Are you experiencing any of these problems facing Non-Profits today?

PROBLEM: Institutions do not understand the numbers generated from their accounting system.

SOLUTION: Your Portable has staff members versed in the complexities of non-profit accounting so our team can interpret and explain the numbers in an easy and concise format.

PROBLEM: My non-profit does not have someone to fulfill the Treasurer function.

SOLUTION: Your Portable CFO has staff members that have served as Treasures of non-profit institutions and provide this function on site or remotely depending on location.

PROBLEM: Our non-profit does not have established policies and procedures.

SOLUTION: Your Portable CFO can review operational and personnel handbooks and suggest changes to enhance and strengthen.

PROBLEM: Our Non-Profit was just awarded a grant, but the grant requires financial reporting that no one on staff can do.

SOLUTION: Your Portable CFO has staff members that will be able to gather the information required from your accounting software and prepare reports to meet the requirements.

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If you answered yes to any of these, then contact us to see how we can help your non-profit today!