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About Your Portable CFO

The Vision


A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is responsible for a company’s finances and works with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to provide the CEO with information needed to make critical decisions for the company.  

When Frank was a commercial loan officer, he realized that his best customers not only knew how to sell their products or services but were informed about their company's finances as well.  They either had the skills themselves, had someone on staff or utilized outside professionals. They had a person functioning as CFO without the expense of a full-time CFO salary. Frank realized that he could provide business owners with the information they needed relevant to their company while making it affordable. Thus, Your Portable CFO LLC was born.

Frank discovered another need for financial services with churches and other religious institutions. The model churches used to hire treasurers and bookkeepers was to get volunteers from within the congregation. Over time congregations began to shrink and less people are available for these functions. Your Portable CFO can provide these services.

Frank Orzehoski


Frank’s experience includes:

  • Commercial and Consumer Banking

  • Corporate Management

  • Small Business Ownership

  • Church Treasury, Bookkeeping and Business Administrator functions

  • Small Business Bookkeeping

  • Business Benchmarking

  • Financial Statement Analysis


Frank's initial vision was to utilize the skills he gained from these careers and provide them to his for-profit customers to make it easier for them to run and understand their businesses. However, during this time Frank began to see the challenges facing churches and their governing bodies as congregations have aged and dwindled in size.


Frank’s experience in the religious nonprofit world includes being the Business Manager for his church, First Presbyterian Church of Warminster as well as the Business Administrator for the Synod of the Trinity in Camp Hill Pennsylvania. Frank is also a Trustee of the Presbytery of Philadelphia and is currently assisting the Presbytery in converting their accounting system from an outdated platform to a state-of-the-art system.

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