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Small Businesses

  • PROBLEM: Declining membership. People doing Bookkeeping, Treasurer and Facilities functions are dying, becoming infirmed. Limited or no replacements coming from existing congregational members."
    SOLUTION: Your Portable CFO can provide bookkeeping functions as well preparing and presenting reports to governing bodies of your organization. CFO can also provide guidance and assist with facility issues such as leaking roofs, malfunctioning heating and air conditioning systems as well as advise on repairs and maintenance need to the facility.
  • PROBLEM: Operational and personnel procedures have not been created or updated.
    SOLUTION: Your Portable CFO can review operational and personnel handbooks and suggest changes to enhance and strengthen.
  • PROBLEM: Churches not understanding how to account for different offerings provided by the congregation.
    SOLUTION: Your Portable CFO has staff members with experience in the religious communities and will guide churches on how to account for these funds
  • PROBLEM: Religious institutions do not have someone to fulfill the Treasurer function.
    SOLUTION: You Portable CFO has staff members who have served as either Treasurers or Business Managers of religious organizations and can provide this function either on site or remotely depending on location.
  • PROBLEM: Institutions do not understand what the numbers mean from reports generated by their accounting program.
    SOLUTION: Your Portable CFO has staff members well versed in the complexities of non-profit accounting so our team can interpret and explain the numbers in a concise and easy to understand format.
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If you answered yes to any of these, then contact us to see how we can help your small business today!

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