Facility Audits

We can perform audits on your church’s facility including:

  • Adequacy of property and liability insurance

  • Review of heating and air conditioning systems including boilers to check for issues and functionality

  • Review condition of the organizations roof

  • Review utility bills for high usage

  • Fire prevention

  • Security

  • Bird control

  • Iron Fence Care

  • Historic Stucco

  • Maintaining Brass and Copper

  • Maintaining Marble Floors

  • Underground storage tanks

  • Repointing Masonry

  • Bell Maintenance and Repair

  • Vegetation on buildings

How well do you know your church's Building and Grounds present condition?

  1. Does your Building and Grounds chairman have a trade’s background?

  2. Do you have a To-Do list that includes long-range planning for 5 or more years?

  3. How old is the your HVAC system?

    •  Is it oil, gas or other?

    • Does it have a buried oil tank?

  4. How old is the Roof?

  5. Is there a lighting arrester system installed and inspected?

  6. Does your Building and Grounds budget have realistic costs for repairs or is it the same every year? 

  7. Are inspections conducted and tracked for:

    • HVAC

    • Electrical

    • Utility’s

    • Fire systems

    • Roof

    • Security

    • And many other items

  8. Do you know the worth of your building?

    • Does Insurance cover any loss or accident.


For a more Information or on-site assessment please contact us today!

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